Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spider Man needs to take a bath - Day 8

 Well this was a day late. sorry for that. I had all the pictures on here and ready to type when i got this feeling i finished it and i abandoned. so this was the last  day with my dear extended family (but the kid is my brother who happened to be around when i was taking the shots). it was a sad day, but im hoping to be making a trip up there at the end of the summer once i get my g2 and do some serious shopping with all the 'end of summer/start of fall' sales. I will be posting later today what i wore today ;) yes im just that 'together'.

ps. the whole spidey needs to take a shower is because i wore this yesturday and didnt even realize it til i was already half way through my day. and no, he still isnt washed yet.. ill get on that..

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