Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Quit 30 for 30 -_-

bandeau, cotton shirt, red belt and new fav  dark skinnys

My Nana's necklace she gave to me

see?? the red DOES go with the shirt :)

crazy face with my hair in pony

horrible shot of trying to show you

official newspaper bag

with the official papers

So, last time i did the 30 for 30 challenge, i got 5-6 days going. This time I went a total of 9-10 times. So I made a T chart to see how long it would take to actually GET the 30 outfits done with my timely process. Ends up roughly 6 seasons. Year and a half. On a better note, I will be my next door neighbor's new cover for his newspaper route. (as you can see above with my bag and lovely information papers) I also ordered in my seventeen Magazine new book, and it hasn't come in.. :( well, i have found my camera, (reason as to why i have not been posting.. and im just lazy..) ends up it was safely in my purse the whole time :)


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