Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite CD :) Day 7

Wow. I have got this far. I don't I got this far last time. Or maybe I did. Oh well. So Today I bought the CD i have been waiting and listenin to Youtube to for the last little bit. "When the Sun Goes Down" By Selena Gomez. LOOOOOOVE it :) If you enjoy some girlie pop, shes for ya. Some hits from the album include "Who Says" and "Love you like a Love Song" as well as " Bang Bang Bang" and Brittany Spears cowrote "Whiplash" and Katy Perry co wrote (even though i hate it) " Thats more like it" and she also featured Pixie Lott in there song "We own the Night" but there is a WAYY better song on youtube. ANYWAY. Hope you enjoyed your long National Bd weekend :) Love you Canada :)

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