Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sweats and Dangling Earrings

so for this comfy sunday, i wore my new areopostale navy sweats, bright floral tank, beige cardigan, tribal flats (my new ones!!) my "round up western" necklace, and ball dangling earrings. this outfit is great for the "saturday sleepovers" with wearing your pj tank under the cardigan and slipping into some cozy sweats. :) 

my half awake dazed shot..

you can clearly see my earrings here :)

And my shoes :)

so heres a little tidbit about me..
well.. uh... i dont know what to say. oh i got it!
I'm the oldest of 6 kids :) 
theres me (16)
my sister (13)
my other sister (10)
my oldest brother (7)
my middle brother (4)
and my brother buda (2) 
i dont know if your any good at math, but we are all 3 yrs apart basically. and the three oldest are girls and the three youngest are boys. 

thanks for reading! 


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  1. wow big family! It was only me and my brother and that was noisy enough! Love your earringsa and shoes. Thanks for visiting my blog